Kentucky Derby Experience at The Seelbach Hilton

Kentucky Derby Experience

There’s no better hotel to tap into the grandeur and nostalgia of the Kentucky Derby than The Seelbach Hilton.

Kentucky Derby at The Seelbach Hilton

Grand Atmosphere

Experiencing the essence of Kentucky traditions. That's what coming to the Kentucky Derby is all about.


From elegant Derby hats. To savory-sweet mint juleps. To the singing of My Old Kentucky Home. To the pageantry of the presentation of the garland of roses. And if you want to complement that experience with a hotel stay that taps into that same nostalgia, there's no better option than The Seelbach Hilton Louisville. Recently renovated, The Seelbach Hilton offers the perfect balance of Kentucky tradition with contemporary amenities. And we offer a wide range of packages that include accommodations, dining, and more.

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